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Working with Us

Paragon Digital Consulting is an outcomes-focused team, specializing in delivering positive experiences for senior leaders that need a low-risk, high-value approach to change management.

What we do

We partner with our clients to bring clarity and simplicity to their enterprise-wide transformations,

tailoring our approach of stewarding change, advising their leaders, and coaching their employees

through meaningful engagements that expedite when they'll start realizing benefits.


How we do it

We're an outcomes-focused team specializing in delivering positive experiences for senior leaders by

using a structured change framework providing data-driven insights through the following pillars:

People First Perspective

We invest in understanding how the changes to people, process, data and technologies impact your organization, and affect leaders, individuals and teams.

Tailored Experiences

We design customized change journeys, creating meaningful engagements, by identifying 'moments that matter,' sharing relevant details, and right-sizing training.

Team Level Support

We provide a hands-on approach to supporting impacted groups before, during and after the transitionary period.

Goals and Objectives

We measure and track engagement, how information cascades, and maintain feedback loops to ascertain what's needed to reinforce desired behaviours, outcomes, and benefits.

Looking for tangible results 
from your transformation?

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